1. December 2015

Humans of Brain and Brawn – John Urschel

Chessboxing is all about combining the power of the mind and the body. Chessboxers are people who don’t separate the mental from the physical. Instead they combine these aptitudes and push their limits to make the impossible happen. It’s all about brain and brawn! This is the very soul of chessboxing, and this type of thinking is not new. It has been around for centuries.

In this new series called ‘Humans of Brain and Brawn’ we will feature extraordinary human beings from all over the world, throughout the ages, who are doing exactly this.


Meet John Urschel. John is both an NFL Baltimore Ravens guard and an internationally recognized mathematician. John is constantly training his mind by doing math exercises, writing papers and teaching while actively pursuing his career in American football. He is as interested in intellectual pursuits as he is in physical ones. And as a plus, he has been kickboxing since the age of 16 and is now pursuing his chess skills – reaching an Elo Rating of 1600.

We got in touch with John via Twitter and asked him what he thought about chessboxing.

His reply below:

“Chessboxing is the ultimate test of the mind and body. As someone who takes pride in mental and physical skill, I cannot help but be fascinated by the sport.”


To know about John make sure to have a look at this video.


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Image courtesy of SIKids