28. January 2016

Chess, Boxing, Tennis… Porsche!

Last December Porsche released a commercial that really caught our eye. The guys from Cramer Krasselt beautifully shot scenes involving chess and boxing carefully mixed with tennis. All sports look in sync representing smartness, toughness and agility at the same time, reflecting the sport we are passionate about and the brand that we carefully have been building in the last couple of years.

The element of introspection is also highly appealing, putting in some well balanced humility; we all want to win and be the best, but first and foremost we should strive to be the best version of ourselves.

Kudos to the Magnus Carlsen team for yet another collaboration with a top brand. The Carlsen team has done a great job building up the Carlsen image carefully picking the brands they work with and promoting the sport of chess in a powerful and sophisticated way. Have a look at the amazing Gstar commercial from 2014.

The strength of the advertisement industry is to recognise the very essence of something, in this case the sport of chess and then carefully package it. A quality most of the time is hard to find in the chess world.

Both ads inspire us to sand and polish our brand on a daily basis being the best we can! And who knows.. we might end up in a Porsche commercial one day (without the tennis of course).

By: Iepe Rubingh