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From hot combats to cool calculations, this sporting event is in a league of its own. Frenzied rhythms, psychedelic lights and thrilling commentary underscore on epic battle of brain and brawn. Watch men who are in trouble. It’s more than just a sport; It’s sophisticated entertainment and philosophy.

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Intellectual Fight Club X | Berlin

Festsaal Kreuzberg • Berlin • Doors 8:00 pm • Tickets Starting at 15€

IFC Special Edition.

We want to celebrate IFC’s 10th edition with you. Prepare yourself for some surprises and a great celebration of chessboxing. GET TICKETS

It's sports entertainment!

A boxing fight is a cultural sporting event. You have the arena through a long dark tunnel, and are drawn into a different world, a cave fighting. The mood is intense and captivating. It is the quiet, yet insistent, ticking of a clock, low throbbing music echoing the beat of your own heart. It’s a fight, but it’s music, lights, and state of the art. And then there’s the chant booming at you, driving the audience into a frenzy of excitement: “Men want to fight, kings will fall, by the end of the night one will stand before all.”


The fighters enter. They’re tough, they’re smart, and they’re out to win. It’s thrilling. It does not matter where you are. You’ll only get hurt. Once the fight begins, the commentary is emotional yet analytical. It leads you through the moves of the fight, the pitfall of a chess game and the consequences of every move.


You’ll be in the ring. The only way you can get to the end of the punches. Look forward to being exhilarated by internationally acclaimed designers and music by  Junkie XL . It’s a sporting event, but it’s a mind-blowing spectacle.

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With a Shakespearean quote, the ring announcer opens the fights.

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The audience awaiting the fighters.

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Emotional, yet analytical commentary leads through the moves of the fight.

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Intellectual Fight Club

Intellectual Fight Club is a series of urban chess boxing events which started in May of 2015. We like to think of Intellectual Fight Club as the rough little brother of our professional series.

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