Gianluca Sirci


Chessboxing is the most difficult sport I have ever competed in.
Being smart and tough doesn’t come easy


Gianluca Sirci, from Foligno, Italy, holds a Ph.D. in Eco Toxicology.

As a sportsman, „Il Dotore“ has a long history in professional boxing, chinese Kung Fu, chess, Xiang Qi (chinese chess), and chessboxing. Sirci was crowned European Chessboxing Champion in 2008, but in 2013 in Moscow, he lost his world championship fight against the Russian Nikolay Sazhin. This year, the 42-year-old is once again fighting to qualify for the next Heavyweight Championship Fight.


Chess (1870)*
Years of Chess | Boxing 9 | 20
Chess Boxing Record wins | losses 3 | 1


Country Italy
Residence Foligno
Date of Birth 20/07/72
Weight 118 kg
Height 1,87 m