Jonathan R. Vega


Chessboxing is my comeback and my new life. Watch me living it!


Jonathan’s boxing career started at the age of 16 and culminated in winning the bronze medal on the national amateur championships in 2008, and the silver medal in 2009. Due to his great achievements, he was selected for the National Olympic Boxing Team. But before the games began, he sustained a knee injury, followed by a period of no training, parties and finally depression.

One day his attention was drawn to chessboxing. He was reminded of his success as a boxer, and how he and his brother had played chess as children. Jonathan started to train in boxing again and convinced his brother, who had become a chess grandmaster, to train him in chess. By now Jonathan has fought more than 90 fights, of which he’s won 65. Additionally, he defeated some international chess players in speed chess.

During the November 2013 World Championship in Moscow, he was only just defeated by German chessboxer Sven Rooch.


Chess (1885)*
Years of Chess | Boxing 20 | 16
Chess Boxing Record wins | losses 0 | 1


Country Spain
Residence León
Date of Birth 14/12/82
Weight 75 kg
Height 1,76 m