Leonid Chernobaev

Light Heavyweight

It’s fairly simple. On this planet, nobody can defeat me in chessboxing.


Leonid Chernobaev was born in Gomel, Belarus. Leonid, supported by his father, started boxing when he was 5 years old. With more than 200 fights under his belt, Leonid is amongst the top fighters in amateur boxing worldwide today.

When Leonid was 6 years old, his father was drafted to fight with the Russian army in Afghanistan. This left his mother to take care of her son on her own. She suggested that Leonid should learn chess as well as boxing. Leonid went to chess school, played tournaments and achieved an ELO rating of 2145. The foundations were laid and lead to his current success as a chessboxer.

In 2009 Leonid became champion of the WCBO as an amateur. In November 2013, he won the title under the flag of Chess Boxing Global in Moscow.


Chess (2145)*
Years of Chess | Boxing 18 / 19
Chess Boxing Record wins | losses 3 / 0


Country Belarus
Residence Gomel
Date of Birth 09/06/92
Weight 89 kg
Height 1,78 m