Nikolay Sazhin


I am Russian. Chessboxing is in my blood. It comes natural.


Nikolay Sazhin was the first Russian fighter to enter the international chessboxing arena. As an amateur, he won the WCBO light heavyweight world championship against Frank Stoldt in Berlin in 2008.

Sazhin has a classical amateur boxing background and has fought more than 100 fights. In his childhood, he was trained as a chess player in the chess club ‘Ladia’. He studied mathematics at the Siberian State Aerospace University in Krasnoyarsk.

Sazhin now fights as a heavyweight and won the world championship title in Moscow against Gianluca Sirci in 2013.


Chess (1965)*
Years of Chess | Boxing 12 | 12
Chess Boxing Record wins | losses 4 | 1


Country Russia
Residence ---
Date of Birth 15/09/88
Weight 98 kg
Height 1,83 m