Richa Sharma



Richa Sharma is one of the most interesting fighters that has come out of the amateur movement of the Chess Boxing Organisation India. She is currently studying mathematics, and is also an avid swimmer – having crossed the street of Gibraltar and completed the Robben Island Swim in South Africa.

Sharma has been boxing for 6 years and has more than 20 amateur fights. Her big idols are Laila Ali and Mary Kom. In 2014, when Sharma joined the Indian chessboxing national championship for the first time her chess was still slightly underdeveloped and she lost in the quarterfinals through checkmate.

Now a year later, with former chess world champion Viswanathan Anand as her big idol, she has won the Indian Chessboxing Championships checkmating her opponent in the in the 11th round.

Richa Sharma has set the goal to become the first female chessboxing world champion.


Chess ()*
Years of Chess | Boxing 12 | 6
Chess Boxing Record wins | losses


Country India
Residence Kolkata
Date of Birth 22/09/91
Weight 54 kg
Height 1,62 m