Sven Rooch


You have to master yourself to defeat your opponent


Sven Rooch is the rising star and world champion of chessboxing.

With his first fight as a chessboxer in 2013 in Moscow, he already showed his skills, combining smartness and the heart of a real fighter. In November 2014, he defended his title, making it clear: He is the smartest and toughest chessboxer in the middleweight class.

Rooch comes from a  family of athletes in Dresden. His brother was a respected fighter for the Radeberger Box Union. As a boy, he received expert boxing training. Sven works as a firefighter in Berlin.

The German trains in the Chess Boxing Club Berlin, which is the oldest Chess Boxing Club in the world.

Former light heavyweight world champion Frank Stoldt, boxing coach Dirk Kalinowski and chess coach Grandmaster Arik Braun are Sven’s coaches.


Chess (1835)*
Years of Chess | Boxing 4 | 14
Chess Boxing Record wins | losses 2 | 0


Country Germany
Residence Berlin
Date of Birth 24/08/87
Weight 76 kg
Height 1,85 m