8. December 2015

Get Ready for IFC IV

Christmas season is upon us and a lot is happening in the world of chessboxing!


Our amateur chessboxing event series, Intellectual Fight Club, which we developed and produced for the Chess Boxing Club Berlin, will open its gates for the fourth time this year on Saturday, December 12th!  Half the fighters will be from Berlin, the others are coming all the way from Italy, Finland, and Russia.


We are also very pleased to announce Rakuten, one of the world’s leading players in the digital industry, as our main supporter for IFC IV!


You must be asking why exactly are they supporting us, right? Well it turns our Rakuten loves to get involved in local entrepreneurship. Rakuten’s leadership in Japan, as well as their culture of reinvention and willingness to take on unique challenges and approaches, allows them to empower entrepreneurs, innovators and employees, both inside and outside the group. And since they are relatively new in Berlin, they are always looking for exciting new projects to partner up with.


It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Rakuten got involved into sports. They already own a Japanese baseball and a football team: the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and Vissel Kobe!


See you at ringside on December 12th!


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