12. October 2015

Let the rookies fight

A few days ago the Intellectual Fight Club III was held in Berlin. It was one of the most special and exciting chessboxing evenings in IFC history. The Intellectual Fight Club is a series of events on the rookie and amateur level. On October 9th, 2015 6 international competitors battled it out in the ring.

The event was held at Platoon Kunsthalle. Fighters from Germany, Russia and Finland kept the crowd on their toes, as each fight became more thrilling than the next. This is what happens when normal people take to the ring in a battle of brains and brawn.


Take for instance this fight between Nicolas Mildenstein and Egor Vlasov. This was the first fight and win for Nicolas Mildenstein (41). A former McKenzie fellow, Mildenstein is a business developer for Bayer, and laid the foundation for the very first business plan of Chess Boxing Global. Originally from the Chess Boxing Club Berlin he now trains at Kurze Rippe in Cologne. His trainer in the corner is Manfred Gebauer, a former GDR olympic boxer. His opponent, Egor Vlasov (37), is a photographer from Moscow. He is a scholar of legendary chessboxer Marat Shakhmanov and member of the Moscow Chess Boxing Club. He learned chess in chess club ‘Sokolniki.


Have a look at this video from one the rounds. Video thanks to lionkingfilm.


Interested in becoming a chessboxer and fighting at the next Intellectual Fight Club? Anybody who has been seriously training for 6 months gets a chance to prove him or herself. Training takes place at the first and oldest chessboxing club in the world. Find out more at the Chess Boxing Club Berlin.

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