3. May 2016

Radio Killed the Video Star

We are very proud to announce that we are starting a media cooperation with meinsportradio.de. Together we have built our first media channel focused solely on chessboxing!

Here you can listen to our podcasts series in German and English as well as to live broadcasts right from the venue on your phone or in your living room.

For 3 years, we have been building and nurturing a global movement that took us to places like Moscow, Kolkata, Shiraz (Iran) and Milan. Together, with the World Chess Boxing Organisation, we grew the global movement to more than 500 chessboxers, who fought over 600 fights in 2015. We have seen the most amazing fights, trained with the best talents and met extraordinary characters promoting the sport. Now, we finally have the right channel to tell you all about it.

Now we also have the chance to invite interesting characters and guests to tell you what they think about chessboxing. Our first special guest was famous German actor Ben Becker who joined us live at Intellectual Fight Club V.


PastedGraphic-3 Ben & Iepe



We are extremely happy about this partnership, as the meinsportradio.de team is by now already a true fan and shares the same passion for chessboxing and love for good stories as we do!

As you can hear on their website, they have great expertise as they have been reporting about a wide range of sports for many years.

Have a look at the team of commentators at Intellectual Fight Club.

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